To commission a painting is easy and fun - resulting in the most individual, unique work of art that will last for ever and be passed down the generations.

Below is a suggested path for commissioning a painting

  • Phone call to say hello and discuss initial ideas

  • Take a look at my work and choose 2 or 3 pieces you like for one reason or another ( your piece will include elements of these)

  • Identify colours you would like to tie in

  • You could collect photographs and relevant ‘stuff’ that you may want to include

  • I will start sketching ideas for your piece over 3 weeks or so

  • We meet up at my studio, look at other commissioned pieces and talk your piece through over coffee or a glass of champagne

  • the idea is approved and price agreed, 50% payment is made

  • Developed sketches and small paintings are created, Instagram and text updates tell the story of the piece

  • The piece is created.. over anything between 4 weeks to a year

  • Come over to see your piece

  • Final changes and additions, delivery and launch event!

It is a wonderful challenge and a privilege to create a piece of Art that is just right for a person and a place. Feel free to call even if you have no idea what you would like.. The ideas will come from me!


Discussions, revision and agreement prove a key to success. Think of commissioning not only as a conversation, but see me as a sounding board to share any thoughts that you have.

With all commissions the client should consider the subject, scale and perhaps even the colour palette relevant to the space.

In deciding the size and proportions it can be useful to tack a piece of paper to the wall where the art is going to hang. This gives the chance to stand back and see how that shape and size will look. Providing photographs of the room and swatches of fabric and paints help towards the work being seamlessly tailored to your needs.

The payment process comes in two parts. A 50% deposit begins the project. When I have completed the piece there is a final payment of 50% and the artwork is delivered. I always say that the second payment is onnly due if the client is happy! Everyone has been so far. I am also happy to quote for shipping, the customer is liable for duties on receipt of the package.

Don’t forget you are not just commissioning an object which will wear out and be replaced - Artworks live on in your firm or family forever. Their value will increase and you will take great pleasure in knowing that you whole heartedly embraced the creative process and worked along side an artisan to produce work of lasting value and beauty.

I look forward to hearing from you!

‘Shoe’ portraits…

Every shoe piece has a story. Remember that day.. evening, or moment in time. A collaged piece inspired by ‘those’ shoes!

Why not commission a piece inspired by your own shoes?.. wedding, party, holiday or just your very favourites.. Prices start from £450. Drop me a line via the contact form and we can have a chat.