Artist Henley, Beach paintings Beach Garden 1 by Kirsten Jones.

Beach Garden

The story of this piece starts on a beach in Cornwall by The Scarlet Hotel. The tide goes out quite a long way, which means you get fabulous water footprints as your feet squish the sand. I noticed that the little stones and shells sat in their own miniature puddles and tiny rivulets heading back to the sea looked like stems with flowers at the top.

This piece has been commissioned by my friend for her employer.. they are good friends and have travelled through many life events during their time working together.

The piece is about lasting friendship and happy memories collected along the way.

I hope you enjoy wandering through the flowers and foliage and discovering the happy shared memories.. all told through fragments of found papers, stamps, maps and text. 

Below are a few clues about the narrative of the piece...

A wedding with Antique Roses..

Limpet shells with holes made by hungry Sea Bass. Fabulous beach treasure, representing the flowers I imagine would grow happily in the beach garden.

A beautiful House on the south coast, references to the name and the nearby cove

Walls and gardens surrounding her are full of Ferns, Agapanthus wild farm flowers, bluebells.

7 Wild Garlic which fills the coastal walks, one for each year they have known each other.

A clock, and references to time, relates to a theatre production.

Soups.. always red, Green or Orange

Tea on Wednesdays

The birthday game

fabric patterns from the house

collecting heart shaped stones (my personal obsession)

Forget me not

Beach_Garden_1_V2 copy.jpg